In 1997, God gave me vision of planting 1000 churches in all over India. We have about 1600 languages in India. So, we cannot just go everywhere and preach the gospel; because, we donít know their languages. So in 1998, we started the Calvary Baptist Bible College in order that we may reach our country for Christ.

We are taking committed young Christians from all over India who are called of God and are speaking different languages. But, we are teaching them in English; because, all the students know English. We are providing them free food and accommodation for three year course B. Th. When they are graduated, then we are sending them back to their own places from where they have come, to preach the gospel in their own languages and to plant churches where there is no church. We are appointing them as Pastors and paying them salaries for five years. After five years, they are supposed to become self-supported. Each Pastor has to plant at least 10 churches in his life-time.

In this way, by the grace of God, so far we have planted 134 churches. But, we have only 20 church buildings. Our remaining brothers and sisters are worshipping under the trees and in small thatched huts.

India has more than 1.25 Billion people. But, we have only 3% Christians. It is our vision and burden to reach our country for Christ. Please pray that God may meet our needs and use us for His glory!